Saturday, May 29, 2010

The wise wizard

One day the wise old wizard with his flowing purple cloak
and long white beard
climbed to the top of the mountain
All around him were green valleys and fields
Above him were white clouds
He held in his hand a magic wand
Which had a beautiful light that glowed
He waved it over the land, and the light spread out
And warmed people who were cold.
As he gazed all around him, he smiled
How good it was to be standing on Mother Earth
And surveying the beautiful land

Love and light Marie


  1. I love the colours and the story, beautiful.

  2. Oh he is gorgeous! I LOVE your work!

  3. marie, he is fantastically magicalxxx

  4. all that purple - love him.

  5. It's very incredible your creations...are beautiful!!!

  6. Wonderful colours and a wonderful poem. Have a nice weekend, Inge

  7. Beautiful Marie..a wonderful way for me to start my morning :)

    happy day!

  8. He sure looks majestic and magical! I love your words too.

  9. He's fine! I think he brings Merriment, too.

  10. Beautiful,cool colours cheers Esther.

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