Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Autumn Acorn Family

Once upon a time there lived in the big oak forest
An acorn family
One night there was a big storm
Thunder and lightening
and the sound of broken branches could be heard
The Acorn family ventured out and surveyed the damage
A large oak branch had fallen down
They would now need to find a new route through the forest

Sometimes one needs to find a new route to take in life
Because an obstacle has fallen in front of the path that you were taking

Love and light Marie

cheers Marie


  1. Marie, What a cozy autumn feeling this sweet little family has, your creations are always so filled with love

  2. Beautiful, beautiful rich colours - love them :)

  3. Sweet story and I love that acorn baby.

  4. Gorgeous and how lovely that would be on a seasonal table!!!! xoxo

  5. A sweet story. Sometimes finding that new route is easier with family. Take care :)

  6. Marie,Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your art and writing are both so inspiring, straight from Mother Nature. Thanks for doing what you do.

  7. Lovely...I adore the baby!! And Marie, you're right: sometimes we have to find a new route in life...sometimes we choose it, sometimes we don't, but forward, forward, forward...that's the only way to go.

  8. Your acorn family is so lovely and beautiful!

  9. beautiful creations! you make me long for Autumn, (one of my favourite seasons)!

  10. Beautiful story and gorgeous needle felt figure :) Thanks for sharing xxx

  11. Everytime I stop by your blog I recharge with light and joy. Also some autumn warm...since to me is getting colder and solstice coming soon, isn t it? :-)

  12. Wow ! it is the wonderful Autumn Acorn family. I read the story which you posted here. It is so interesting story. I like your art also.

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