Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Softearth Scarecrow

The Farmer had planted his seeds
The first shoots had started to appear
A flock of birds descended
They started to eat the delicate shoots
He remembered that he had an old scarecrow in the shed
He gave it a new hat
And placed it in the garden
Now his seeds would be safe
Through rain, wind and sun
The scarecrow would stay at his post
Guarding and protecting the new seeds.


  1. It makes me excited for Fall, my favorite season. Only 5 months to go!

  2. Such a great idea...she's adorable! The hat is so wonderful..and i love the colours ;O)

  3. We love scarecrows! I love his hands and hair and big hat! Perfect and such great colour choice.

  4. oh how fantastic!! you are making me love the craft even more!!!

  5. It is a beautiful a Softearth Scarecrow. I like it so much. It is useful in farm to protect the crop from the birds and animals.

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  6. I always see the scarecrow in the farm. But its not so cute like your scarecrow. I like your Softearth Scarecrow. Its looks so pretty and cute.

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