Monday, May 10, 2010

Softly, softly creeps Spring

Softly, softly creeps Spring
Her soft warm colors are a delight to the eye
The beautiful pale green buds unfolding
The slender grasses reaching for the sun
The soft pink and white blossom
Their petals falling on you as you walk through the park
You are bathed in pale pink
Your hair is adorned with pink and white blossom
You tread softly on Mother Earth
She is waking up from the long Winters sleep
You are waking up
You are ready to greet the Spring

Love and light Marie


  1. Wow, I love the way you made the colors of the flowering trees blend into the sky.
    Really lovely!

  2. I love everything you make, it's all just so beautiful and poetic!

  3. you can almost see her walk.
    so lovely.


  4. She's beautiful and you write about her with so much love! Love, Barbara

  5. What wonderful colors. If only it looked that way here today. :) We are having a cold rainy day.

  6. a nice change from this gray Autumn day... she is lovely. x

  7. Wow ! what a nice Softly, softly creeps Spring art. Its looks so beautiful with lovely colours. I think it is a great piece of art.