Sunday, May 16, 2010

Three little bluebell children

Once there lived three little bluebell children
They lived with their Mother and Father
In a bluebell glade at the edge of a great forest
Sometimes they played with their flower friends
The Snowdrops and pussy willows
They loved to listen to the birds
Chattering noisily in the branches
When the sun started to set
They climbed into their little green leafy beds
And went fast asleep

love and light Marie


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Reminds me of my woodland walks.

  2. Too cute, always come up with the best ideas!!

  3. I can so appreciate your bluebell children and verse. My boy says that is a good story! See my bluebell children (and bluebell dog!) over at my blog, Marie!

  4. So, so sweet, Marie! They look like they literally just bloomed :D Fantastic!

  5. When I first saw these sweet little bluebell children, I thought they looked like they were kayaking down the Mohaka... I love how you have lovely stories that go with your beautiful creations.

  6. What a beautiful shade of blue - gorgeous :)

  7. Quanta fantasia, ma come fai???
    Un abbraccio Glori

  8. Your three children look pretty cozy and sweet in their soft little beds...your colors are always brilliant! Lovely,, Rose

  9. Wow ! what a beautiful art it is. Its a nice art of little bluebell children. Three bluebell children plays nicely in forest with their flower friends. They looks so cute and lovely.

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  10. It is a nice imagination of you. Its looks like a real. I like these three little bluebell children. They looks so innocent and they lived with their parents. You made this art so carefully.

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