Monday, April 12, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Today I discovered that I had been given a "Beautiful Blogger Award" by Jen at she is a kind lady
To pass on some "Cyber Lovin"
Those who receive this award are asked to choose 15 Blogger's to pass it on to,and share 7 things about themselves.
1... I always wear dresses
2....I often listen to modern music when I am creating
3....I get excited at a fresh bunch of colored carded wool
4....I like simple food
5....I believe in the power of positive thinking
6....I live in a small but warm and snug house
7....I think spiders need somewhere to live, so I let them live with me (Ha, ha)

Love and light Marie


  1. I just gave you this award on my last post too! lol. I like your belief in the power of positive thinking - I too think it makes such a huge difference to our lives in so many ways! xxx

  2. I am a fan of spiders too Marie - as long as I know they are there ...

  3. A lovely list!
    I prefer dresses, but don't always wear them. I'm too messy! :)
    and I'm with Trudi.

  4. How lovely, thanks so much for the 'cyber love' Marie, you are so thoughtful. Fun to read your 7 things! Erin x

  5. Thanks Marie for the blog love... I too liked reading your list and I'm also fond of spiders. A bit of positive thinking is what I need to do this week.

  6. I had to go to her site to see what a beautiful blogger award was. She is right, you are amazingly talented and I also leave your site feeling inspired. I hope your sister liked the washcloth bunnies. Congratulations and take care.

  7. What fun! Congrats. I loved your list of 7 things... especially the spiders part... My house too! haha

  8. Congratulations! You are so talented and generous. I think you might live in a felt wool style. =)Gianna

  9. You deserve this award for your inspiring blog, Marie! love, Beth