Sunday, April 11, 2010

The babe who became king

Long ago, in a time of marvels and magic
There lived a king called Uther Pendragon.
Merlin,Uther's wise and magical counselor
Told him that people were coming to harm his new born son Arthur
So one day Merlin took the babe in his arms and carried him away
To a castle deep within the dark forest
There,he gave the boy into the care
Of a brave and faithful knight named Sir Ector

This is my picture of Merlin and the babe going through the woods to safety

Cheers Marie


  1. I love this latest creation of yours. Your style is beautifully suited to mythology and legends :).

  2. Oh my girls LOVE the story of King Arthur! Their daddy is a history major and tells the legends beautifully. They would LOVE this tapestry! Beautiful, Marie!

  3. Really lovely Marie, your creations and wstories with them are perfect! :)

  4. Wow and look at all your visitors!!

  5. Marie, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog Your felt art is absolutely beautiful! Andi

  6. This is wonderful! Funny because I've been thinking about making a gnome merlin. :)

  7. So beautiful and powerful at the same time. I am honored that you used my plant dyed felt. Judy : D

  8. I saw you visited my weblog! Thanks for leavind a comment! I visited yours today and ... you make such lovely things! I will visit you again, I'm sure! Bye! Barbara