Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thumbelina and the sparkling water

Thumbelina awoke from her little cradle
Which was made from half a walnut shell
Its soft mattress of flower petals and the rose leaf coverlet
had kept her snug and warm.
She decide to amuse herself by going down to the river
There she climbed aboard a waterlily
and sailed across the sparkling water
Her friends the birds watched her and said
"What a lovely little maiden she is, as beautiful as a rose in summer"

She looks lovely displayed on a blue silk cloth to simulate water

love and light Marie


  1. I love these! Perfect! My daughter's name is Lotus---so whenever I see things with lily/lotus flowers it always makes me smile.

  2. Marie, so wonderful. I really love them. Have a nice week, Inge

  3. How sweet. I always loved the story of Thumbelina.These are adorable.

  4. Just beautiful and so sweet!

  5. So gorgeous! The waterlilly suits her so much :-)

  6. Sempre sorprendenti.Davvero magiche. Un abbraccio Glori

  7. Marie, alkotásaid szépsége mosolyként tükröződik az arcomon.
    Színes hétköznapokat kívánok Neked!
    Mosollyal: Ilda

  8. My daughter LOVES the Thumbelina from our trade! She has it displayed on her very special shelf in her room!

  9. these are so sweet... I love the way you have displayed them.

  10. Hi Marie, what a great idea! I just love your Thumbelina - or Tommelise as she is named in Danish ;O)

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