Saturday, September 11, 2010

Your questions answered

Sometimes I get asked questions about life
I am happy to answer your questions
Having lived for 56 years, I have acquired a wee bit of knowledge
If you would like me to answer any of your questions
About any subject, I will be happy to do so
Just send me an email

Love and light  Marie


  1. Me, too. But I am even older. Not much, but at this point, every year makes a diff. It used to be that nobody could tell my age (perhaps because I am so silly?) and were surprised when I tell them. Now they guess correctly and I am left having to accept that aging has happened to me, though I still don't understand it. Still, that little bit of experience, if it can help others, is important. My daughter loves the gift you sent her in the exchange (Linda's hearts). She mentioned it to me just yesterday. thank you, again.

  2. Hi K, you are most welcome, it is good to trade, I just love swapping my creations for others, cheers Marie

  3. A lovely photo of you in the garden Marie :)