Sunday, September 5, 2010

Getting the balance right

Making mobiles is sometimes a bit tricky, to get everything hanging evenly
It is a little bit like life, to get the balance right
An old school chum of my sons committed suicide last week, he was 22
I remember him as an active lad, full of energy
Modern day life is so busy, one has so much streaming towards one
One must be aware of what is around one and remember to breathe the stuff out that is of no benefit to you.

Love and light to Daniel on the next part of his journey

Your comments are always welcomed and read.


  1. My heart goes out to you and your son. I agree with your thoughts. We must remember to live in the moment.

  2. What a heart breaking thing your son has to go through. When I was in my first year of high school a friend of mine took his own life. It was so hard to process, and still is. But sometimes people just can't stay to long and we must respect that. Never takes away from the ache. My sympathies to your son and to your family.

    Those mobiles are lovely.

  3. i'm sending lots of love to you and your son. i was with my closest friend in the world when she learned that her brother had taken his life. it is a hard thing for those of us left behind to come to terms with. your words speak such truth and wisdom. thanks for the reminder. xoxoxo

  4. That was so well said. Balance is so important in life. At times, it's what keeps us sane in the hustle and bustle of life.
    My sympathies to your son and to his friend's family.

  5. The rainbow women remind me of all the connections blogging creates and the fact that all of us women are balancing ever so gently on the ring of life. This is so beautiful. Sorry for your loss.

  6. Oh dear,
    It always seems such a shock when someone commits suiside (a classmate of mine did when he was 27, a couple of years ago). It's hard to understand that life can be so bad that they don't want to be here anymore. I hope that Daniel is happy now, where ever he may be.
    Sympathies to you and your son x

  7. I hate mobiles because I find it so difficult for the dolls to hang evenly.
    Your mnobiles are so beautiful!
    Groet Thea

  8. Balance can be such a struggle - in art and life. So sad when someone so young goes away willingly.

  9. Wishing peace and balance for you and your son.
    With love..

  10. suicide sux. so much pain for everyone. I had a friend suicide last year. He was in constant pain, and couldn't take it anymore. I am so grateful for everyday of peace as I get older and wiser. Kind thoughts to you and your son. as always, loving your art x

  11. Such a sad misfortune.Bless his soul.I adore those birds Marie they are sooooooooooo lovely.I love birds, I love them on things everywhere.Im really going to have to save for things from your etsy shop.