Saturday, September 25, 2010

Butterfly fairy

I was walking in my garden and decided to have a rest under the apricot tree
I gazed up  through the pink blossom, and saw this little pink  fairy looking down at me
She whispered that she was waiting for the butterfly's to come and visit her
She always loved this time of year
Sure enough I suddenly saw two beautiful butterflies
Oh the joy of Mother Nature.

Love and light  Marie


  1. Such a lovely colour!! I love her wings too! I saw a butterfly today too! A good omen for me!

  2. She is beautiful - I had to show her to my daughter Fiona. Her absolute favorite color is pink. Have a Blessed week!

  3. So pretty. I like her wings a lot. Take care.

  4. Hello Marie, We are now heading into Autumn and I guess you are heading into Spring soon? The lovely pink reminds me of Tulips, something we will not be seeing for a long long time, but you will! Happy days to you.

  5. Love and light to you, too, Marie, and to your plump pink fairy. love, Beth

  6. Oh! What a surprise! I have two butterfly fairies tattoed on my back:) They are so very special and you honored her beauty perfectly.

  7. She is beautiful! I love her wings too. Spring must be here!

  8. It is a nice idea to rest under the apricot tree. I like this pink colour butterfly fairy. I think that butterflies is the great creation of God.

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