Friday, December 17, 2010

Natural Inspiration

My home inspires me, 
I am surrounded by Mother Nature
I live 800 feet above sea level
The air is fresh and pure
This feeling is imbued into my needle felt art
This feeling of lightness 
This feeling of warmth
This feeling of being able to breathe out into the world
All the good things that I have
Here are some photos of my home 

Love and light   Marie


  1. What an inspirational place to live :)

  2. Oh My!! Your home is wonderful! LOOK AT THAT LAVENDER!!! No wonder you come up with amazing nature crafts. I feel the summer warmth already! Thanks for sharing. It is terribly cold here in Pennsylvania.
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Nature never fails to inspire. Your garden looks a lovely place to sit and soak it all in. Happy days.

  4. A beautiful place to be. Love your colors of your house and how it's nestled in nature :)

    happy day!

  5. What a gorgeous home you have! I can see how inspiring it is to live there!

  6. How gorgeous Marie! Thank you for sharing. It's like paradise there. I am sure you are not far from my cousin, who lives on a farm in Waipuk. I love your gardens, what a sanctuary. Your characters must love running about in there while you sleep...

  7. Marie your home and your garden are wonderful. These are inspirate me too. Have a nice weekend! Andi

  8. How lovely, Marie. I wish I could live in a place like that! But ... you never know ... Cheers, Barbara