Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Summer Garden

Yesterday I took my camera out into my garden
My husband is the chief gardener
We have been Organic for 25 years
We have growing at the moment,Corn Maize for the hens,
Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, silver beet, carrots, potatoes, beans, rhubarb, spring onions, cabbage, pumpkins
And in the Berry patch, Boysenberries and Raspberries 
Their is nothing I like better than going out into the garden and picking fresh

Cheers  Marie


  1. lovely! I love to pick fresh too. You are lucky to have a great gardener...

  2. Oh Marie, your garden is just lovely. Here on the first day of winter our garden is just a brown plot with a bunch of chicken manure spread over top. I love the change of sseasons, but I miss the fresh picked food.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  3. Gorgeous garden Marie!
    I need to become a better gardener this coming year!

    happy day!

  4. Oh Marie What a lush beautiful garden! On this our shortest day of the year (in this half of the world!) it has been very cold and rainy... your sunny garden seems a slice of heaven right now!

  5. Yummmm, sounds good!
    I really miss a garden at my place. It's too small for growing vegetables. But i do have several (wooden) bucket where i grow some. That makes me happy too :)

  6. Looks wonderful! My husband does the bulk of our gardening too, it's gone crazy this year with all the rain, it's brilliant!

  7. Marie, you have the most beautiful garden! So lovely.

  8. What a fantastic garden, I am very jealous as ours is all in hybernation at the moment or dead :-(

  9. your garden is very inspiring, wow, I really need to get stuck in more! thanks for all your comments this year marie, have a wonderful holiday break. x

  10. Well organised! My garden (in summer :-)) is messier...

  11. Oh, it is so good to see a garden growing from here in Oregon in the depths of Winter!

  12. Dear Marie,
    oh, very nice your summer garden ;-))))))))))))) All of our flowers are sleeping under the snow.
    Your photos are so paradox for me here in the cold Germany ;-)
    I`m really glad about your anew visit of my blog. Yes, our little son with presents is such a wonderful moment, that shines deep in our hearts ;-)))
    Is there a Christmas-tree in your home?
    Wonderful Holidays.

  13. Hi Tuftelchen, we just have a very small tree this year. cheers Marie

  14. Between your kitchen and your garden, I must admit that I am in love with your place!! Just brilliant!