Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Heart of the Home

When you walk through the entrance way, you walk into my kitchen
I am always amazed at the beautiful glowing light that shines out
My husband made the table 25 years ago
The wood panels are all recycled
The black and white lino, is just as good as when we laid it all those years ago  
I still use my wood stove to cook on and heat water daily
It is my heart, and makes me smile, it is a joy to come home to
I  cook very simple meals here 
And many interesting chats have been had around the table.
I thought you might like to view it.

  Love and light   Marie


  1. oh i love this peek into your home! how lovely it would be to sit down to tea with you at that gorgeous table. ;)

  2. Wow, that really is super lovely? Does it get hot in summer with the woodstove going?

  3. everyone in my house is going ooooh and aaaah over your lovely kitchen!

  4. Hi Michele, The stove does not generate a lot of heat, outwards, and I am not making or stirring too much in the summer months, so much lighter meals. It has a beautiful warmth in winter though. cheers Marie

  5. What a beautifully homely kitchen. It looks so welcoming.

  6. I can well imagine that your kitchen is welcoming to your visitors. Love the light flowing in.

  7. what an inspiringly beautiful home you have...

  8. Kitchens are the heart of the home! It's true! Yours is so wonderful, and I love your stove and kitchen table...and skylights! What a place of joy.

  9. What a cozy and lovely kitchen. Have a nice day, Inge

  10. A warm, glowing kitchen is the heart of the home. Yours is a lovely space. Thank you for showing it to us - I feel like I've had a chance to sit with you.

  11. What a beautiful room, Marie! That table is just gorgeous.

  12. Dear Marie,
    oh, which very beautiful blog you have ;-)
    Yes, kitchen is the heart of the home.
    Sorry, my English is not the best.
    I`m really glad about your visit on my blog.
    Sure I will come back to you, with my sweatheart, he is a great fan of New Zealand and dreams to living there ;-))))))
    Heartly greetings from Germany
    Here is so much snow, wait a little I give you a gardenfull ;-)))

  13. I am smitten with your kitchen! Seriously, it is insanely beautiful. Love, love, love~sara

  14. What a gorgeous kitchen!

    Thank you for visiting my blog, I will come back and have a proper lookie at yours soon :)

  15. Love at first sight is the ONLY way to describe how my heart leapt at the sight of your perfect kitchen.

    Thank you so much for sharing this and I will never lose this blog in our immense blogging world. I'll keep checking on you. I found you through my friend Beth Curtin's Acorn Pie blog (which I love too).

    Your husband did a superb creation!

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  16. P.S. I have tried to push the follow button, but keep getting a thing from Google that says the URL is too large----whatever that means?? I'll keep trying. The only way to not lose someone is to follow and keep checking your favorites. Keep your fingers crossed and YES, you do bring light into this life.


  17. How nice to see the inside of your home and I see your vegetable garden is in full throttle too! Ah, now you have the warm weather and we the chill, I should like to trade places.

  18. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing another window into your home. It looks so full of warmth and light. I can see you sipping tea at your table so easily. Take care and have a beautiful New Year!

  19. Your kitchen looks so warm and inviting! What a great feeling to experience this as soon as you walk in!

  20. What a perfect kitchen! :) So cosy and natural! I absolutely adore it! maybe some day I will have one like that! :)