Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beth of Acorn Pies

Beth of 'Acorn Pies" is a very talented artist and doll maker 
She lives in New England, in the United States
She is interested in sharing natural crafts, toy making, stories, art, inspiration, and traditional skills with you and your children.
Beth wrote some lovely words about me, and I think she is a rather special lady herself
I loved her article about Tree Swings, which she wrote for Rhythm of the Home
Do check out her amazing blog

Love and light Beth,   cheers   Marie


  1. Thanks, Marie! I guess we're in a mutual admiration society. love, Beth

  2. By the way, I do still have the original posting you wrote. If you click on the button in the right hand column on Acorn Pies, you will see it. love, Beth

  3. Right ho Beth, I have it now, must have been a clinch in the works, cheers Marie

  4. I love this moon painting! so pretty
    inspires me to dream it does. I'll have to have a look at Beths blog now!

  5. Beautiful blues Marie... Merry Christmas.