Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Earth Element

We stand on Mother Earth
We stand on solid ground
Underneath our feet is a living breathing world
Running rich in pure elements
Running rich in minerals
Energies that come from its warm core
Radiating upward
To warm our lives
To help us stand firm
To help us stand tall

Love and light Marie


  1. Very beautiful! We have been reflecting a lot these days about all of the goodness that the earth gives us.

  2. Beautiful.....
    I love the blend of colours..:)

  3. Beautiful poem, Beautiful picture, Beautiful artist.

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art of earth and groundedness.

  5. Thanks for sharing that... really beautiful. x

  6. Just the sort of words I needed to read! So much energy and vibrancy in the words and picture.

  7. Wow, it reminds me of the way colors converge at sunset when you're out in the country and can really see it properly.

  8. I love your work. I could lose myself in these colours. I loved your little green shoot children from last week. Thank you for sharing your inspiring work.

  9. Dear Marie,

    Your poems make me think. I have become more aware of how alive the ground under us is, even in winter, since I began to visit your blog. love, Beth

  10. Simply beautiful Marie. I cannot believe some of the work you do - amazing.