Sunday, March 21, 2010

Moon beams and star light

Every Morning before six o'clock I get up and walk with my neighbor
The night sky is still above me
The sun has not yet risen
Starlight falls down on to me
Moonlight and moonbeams fall on to me
They light my way
I sometimes ask the Starlight and moonbeams to light other peoples way
Sometimes people need a bit of light in their world
Sometimes they need a little bit of light to help light their way so they can see clearer
Sometimes there way can get a bit cloudy with the day to day trails of living
May Starlight and moonbeams fall softly on to you to light your way this day

Love and light Marie


  1. I love walking first thing in the morning, we have a simgle streetlight up the road and the trees underneath them, when lit up by it look like a face.. we call it the Narnia light :-)

  2. Oh Marie, your work is stunning. Thank you for dropping past my blog and leaving a comment so I in turn could visit you :)

  3. Lovely change from the typical "man in the moon," I think a feminine moon makes much more sense.

  4. I love the way you left the moon it's more natural color, beautiful work!

  5. This is just beautiful! So magical:)

  6. Sometimes you see the felt works of others and think 'I wish I made that'! I feel this way about this beautiful, beautiful 'girl in the moon'!

  7. Hallo Marie thank you for your greetings from such a wonderfull place,so i can come back and see more.

    viele grüsse Patricia

  8. This is just beautiful-both your artwork and the verse. Again, thank you for sharing with us!

  9. How wonderful, i love this piece.

  10. Marie your pieces are enchanting! What a wonderful medium to work in. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment.