Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fire element

I was thinking about the "fire element" and how it relates to me
This watercolor picture I painted using the wet-on-wet technique
It is a bit like a flame in that I am warm,passionate and creative on the outside
But very calm on the inside.
How very important it is for me to be calm on the inside
At peace with myself and the world

Love and light Marie


  1. I need to be more calm on the inside- but I find as I get older- I get better at it.

  2. Your table is beautiful. :) Also somehow I missed your owl and I love it. I am a big lover of owls as is my son.

  3. I love your table arrangement with the watercolor painting. And these are words of wisdom indeed. Calm on the inside. Thanks!

  4. Beautiful thoughts, Marie, and a beautiful painting to express them. love, Beth

  5. It is so lovely to rediscover you and your blog, Marie. And if you have any tips for cultivating that inner calm, I am all ears!

  6. Marie, Calm on the inside, I need to work on that! I see that you are enjoying your watercolors, isn't it a wonderful medium? !! Jeri

  7. Lovely post. Although i'm not "big" into astrology per se, i do often think the reason i love rocks so much is due to me being a fire sign and needing the balance of the earth sign. Water is "okay" but earthen things, rocks, soil etc. really draw me like a magnet!

    I am so glad you left a comment on my blog so that i can see (and now follow) your wonderful blog! I LOVE your profile photo too. Outstanding!