Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Unveiling ideas

When I sit down to create, the idea is in my head what it is going to look like
But the wool often dictates how things will flow
How colors overlap and develop
It is very much like painting, a new color emerges and creates form and beauty
Always an exciting time and I love this unfolding story

Love and light  Marie


  1. love this little insight into your process... x

  2. You describe the experience beautifully Marie :)

  3. Do you ever find that what comes out is very different or even entirely different than what you set out to do? I always do that. I sit down to create something in my head and then another little doll pushes to the head of the line and comes through. It's quite fun to watch them!


  4. Hi Marie. Thanks for the mail. My reply came back undeliverable so I figured I'd just post it here... What you sent (the inspiring pictures) were exactly what I was hoping for :) I've had this project in mind for over a year now but just don't know exactly what kind of images to use. Mostly I want it about color and not so much about form. The sky, clouds and rolling hills might be all that's needed. Someday soon, I'm going to take the plunge!
    Thanks again,

  5. You are most welcome Dionne, glad to be of assistance,

    Happy creating.

    cheers Marie

  6. Hi MamaWestWind, Yes it is indeed interesting to see what comes through, rather cool actually, cheers Marie

  7. That's a beautiful insight to your world Marie, thanks for sharing.

  8. Hello Marie, I really love seeing the way light floods into your home in pictures like these. So beautiful. Take care.

  9. I often pull out my little notebook with the bumble bee (which you made for me) and just run my fingers over the soft fleecy cover. I can see how the creation on it is part inspiration, part planning and part "going with the flow". That is how I usually approach a painting, as well.