Thursday, October 27, 2011

Slow Learner

When I went to school, over forty five years ago
The teachers were not so kind and understanding as they are today
I was told I was useless, bad,  no good , and slow
This was written on my report card
I only enjoyed   Art, Drawing and History
The rest I could not get
In those days if you did not "get it" straight away
You were left behind
I was left behind, because I was a slow learner
The classes were huge, the teachers smoked in class
And the ruler would wack across your knuckles for the slightest reason
I am so pleased that the system has changed
Personally all my learning came for me after I left school
Which I left at 16 years old
Deemed a failure by the teachers with no qualifications

Love and light  Marie


  1. Sending you love Marie, you are a wonderfully talented woman that creates the most beautiful treasures!
    Have a peaceful weekend,
    Love Linda

  2. Many thanks Linda, you are kind to say so,
    Love and light Marie

  3. My heart goes out to the you of 45 years ago... Obviously, there's so much more to learn in our world than what children are taught in school esp. since some of what they're taught is so very wrong (for example that, just because a little one does not have an aptitude for math, she is made to feel unwelcome.)

    Thank goodness you found your path... You bring so much joy to so many.


  4. Thank you, Marie for sharing your must have been a hard time for you with many tears. But the sadest thing is that you have had to carry the bad memories with you all your life; one can not forget such experiences although time heals wounds, it don't heath them all! A creative person speaks with the heart and too many schools didn't find room for that if we go back in time. It is a blessing that we humans are so different and have different skills! Have a lovely weekend...and many hugs from me.

  5. I'm so grateful for the powers in you, which innerly kept you standing tall despite all the malicious treatment of your "teachers", I'm grateful for the possibility to see a part of the wonder world you create.
    Love from "another" side of the world :)

  6. What a horrible time to have survived, and what an amazing credit to your soul that you came through it with your creativity so firmly intact!

  7. Oh Marie, it is always so sad when "children" are denied the love and good skills of their teachers. Every person should feel as early as possible that he or she is just perfect the way they are. That all skills and all the differences in people are needed.
    To me you are a wonderful, warm and caring person who can do magical things with wool!!!

  8. The most successful people I have known found their path on their own, blossoming with a flourish in even the most inhospitable environment. Blessings!

  9. I am learning that we all have different paths to take to reach our various goals in life. Finding a true teacher who will understand and nuture our ways is a true treasure.

  10. Oh, beautiful! In all colors of the rainbow... i like it!

  11. Glad you found what you are good at! I'm sorry you were made to feel like that as a child.

  12. Those were my favourite subjects too ^_^