Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Taking a different route

Today I am a guest over at The Magic Onions
With my monthly  "Words of Light"
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Love and light  Marie


  1. What a beautiful picture.. I will certainly hop over and read your words!;)

  2. Very true and lovely Marie! I'm filing your little story in my mind. I think it might come in handy one of these days! I love your little acorn people! Many blessings! Erica

  3. This sweet story I will retell to my daughter next time she struggles with a change of plan! We are coming along nicely with the kits you sent us, slowly my daughter is concentrating more on creating these little root children... Thanks

  4. Dear Marie, How beautiful and how true, your story! I am right there now! I need to find a different path and that is hard sometimes. Your words are an inspiration! Love, Barbara

  5. I pop over and read it, but just wanted to say I love this little acorn mother. So sweet!