Sunday, October 23, 2011

Little Elves

This weekend I created these little Elves

I thought they might need a warm white wrap, 
As it is going to get  real cold soon in the North Pole
They can hang from the tree on gold thread
Or be placed on the mantelpiece with candles and holly

Love and Light  Marie


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment. It is kind of you. I was able to visit this lovely blog with beautiful felt things. I love it.
    Have a nice day :-)

  2. Thanks Vlad'ka, it is lovely to have some one visit from the Czech republic, Cheers Marie

  3. Nice to see you Bemka from Romania, cheers Marie

  4. So cute...and I like the detail with the white wrap!

  5. nice to see your elves. They have to get busey real soon.

  6. How adorable! I want to hang them from my Christmas tree!

  7. How cute! Elves can be full of mischief. It's amazing you got so many in a single photo ;) Take care.