Monday, April 9, 2012

Thoughts on keeping things in the cupboard

When I first started this blog, I did not think that anyone would be interested at all in what I do
and my country life style.
I realize that it was no use creating art and keeping it in the cupboard, (Which was what I used to do)
Why not share it with the world, why not pass it on to others, why not give some to others for free,
And why not see if anyone may want to buy some
It is sometimes a bit scary to (Put yourself out there)
As you are putting your soul out there, and that means you have to open the door a bit, and let people see inside
Have the courage to open the door and as you let others have a peep into your world
You get to see into a  world that is full of amazing things, where  wonderful colors and warmth abound
I have all  of you in my life now and how very richer I am through it all
Just by opening the cupboard door a little

Love and light  Marie


  1. Thank you for opening your cupboard and allowing us all a peek :-)

  2. I m so glad about the little lookings in the opening doors, I feel me very richer in my life. Thank you everyone

    Cheers Claudia

  3. And I for one am so happy you have opened your cupboard. I always find you so inspiring! Thank you!!

  4. What a wonderful post Marie. Happy day to you!

  5. It is richness that you decided to host a blog. I'm thankful that you wanted to share your beautiful art with us.

  6. How kinds all your thoughts are, they warm my soul, Love Marie

  7. And we're all the richer for you opening your door Marie :D

  8. This means a lot to me at the moment... as I put my own craft out there, thank you for the encouraging words xxx