Friday, April 13, 2012

Acorn caps wanted

I was wondering if any New Zealand viewers would be able to give me some Acorn Caps
Just email me if you can,  cheers  Marie


  1. oh, crumbs... I've got some extra acorn caps but I doubt NZ customs would allow them through :-(

    thinking of you, feeling joy and sending all good wishes!


  2. Thanks, you are right, NZ customs will not let them through, I have tried, thanks for the offer, and kind thoughts. cheers Marie

  3. ... a no tak u was jesień u nas wiosna. Jakby nie było dwie półkule.
    Pięknie wykonane.

  4. Yes Marie! I know where to get some! I happen to have an oak tree next to our house, but its' caps are very shallow. However I'll get you some from another tree, with deeper caps. It will get me out of the house, I need some movement!
    How many do you need? With stalks on?

  5. Many thnaks Elmtree, cheers Marie