Saturday, February 26, 2011

Needing more starlight

Sadly some of the first victims in our recent earthquake have been babies
I know that they are being held tightly in the arms of angels
Take a moment just before you retire tonight to go outside and look upward to the night sky and see the lovely new stars that have appeared
Their beautiful  light shines down on the parents and will give comfort

These images of mine might help to bring solace

Love and light  Marie


  1. O Marie, how sad! I'm sure your images help. They are so pure and full of love and comfort. I'll pray for the parents of these children tonight.
    ♥ Barbara ♥

  2. Thinking of those families and the healing and comfort they will surely need. Your creations are a beautiful expression of your compassion. xoxo

  3. Marie, this is so true and not what we think of, being so far away. Thank you for such a beautiful tribute to the sweet little ones. May their families find comfort in your words and your work. Peace and love to you. <3

  4. :( It makes me so sad when innocent wee baby's and children die...
    Hopefully their parents will see and feel the light of the newborn stars they become.
    I wish them all the strength they need.

    Love, Yvonne

  5. Gosh Marie, I'm so easy to tears at the moment, and there I go again. Lovely words :-)

  6. So sad. You words and creations are a lovely tribute to sweet babes lost.

  7. It really is so sad. Tears appear in my eyes thinking about them, the little ones and their parents. This post and your creations are beautiful.