Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Bride

For the last few days, all I have seen and felt is sadness, due to the earthquake in Christchurch
Yesterday I felt the need to make a Bride, all my other worked stopped while I created her
She would be dressed in white and have a thin veil and be carrying flowers
After I had finished her, I was thinking about why the pressing need to make a Bride
I think it is about being surrounded and dressed  like an angel
I think it is about something new, something beginning ,a life starting differently
A Brides joy spreads out to others in the wedding party, it reaches perfect strangers who sometimes see a Bride in the street, or being photographed in the park, it makes them smile
It must be maybe this lovely white light that shines out.
It sure was something that  I had to do straight away.

Love and light  Marie


  1. So beautiful, so hopeful. Perfect.

  2. Really beautiful. A pure expression of good. Just what's needed!


  3. Very beautiful Marie. Hugs to you and thankful you are safe.

    love marcia

  4. She is beautiful. Love and light to you xo

  5. Very beautiful! When making your pictures, do you needle felt them onto the wool or just rub them in place? I seem to find conflicting instructions, or a lot ways to the same end.

  6. The church (being the people who follow Jesus) is called the bride of Christ. I think this is a beautiful reminder that Jesus Christ cares for His people even in times of trouble and that they can show His light and beauty to those around them if they remember that they are the bride of Christ.

  7. O roku oglądam Twój blog. Lubię Twoje eteryczne prace. Współczuję Twoim rodakom w związku z trzęsieniem ziemi. Mieszkasz w pięknym kraju jednak też niebezpiecznym.

  8. Marie this is just beautiful. I did a wedding shoot yesterday, and I know that on my next shoot, I'll have this image in the back of my mind! It will make me smile all day! :)

  9. You have such a full, warm heart Marie. xxxx