Monday, February 14, 2011

Letting Go

When you no longer feel the love for something, you must let it go
When you no longer can be bothered with something, you must let it go
By holding on tight to something that you are no longer  interested in
Only creates disharmony in your life
You start resenting the person, the people, the group, the space etc
By holding on just in case you might miss out on something is silly
That something never may happen
Why waste your energy on an unhappy situation 
By letting go, you are inviting new things into your life
It is not easy to let things go, but you are stronger than you think
Change is never easy, but it can bring new direction and hope.

Love and light  Marie


  1. thank you. i needed this reminder on my first solo valentine's day. you brought tears to my eyes.

  2. I agree - too often we hold on beyond the time we are needed or when we have moved in a different direction ourselves. It is a wise person who lets go, and a brave person who suggests it :)

  3. Dear Momma Rae, I feel your pain, and send you love and light for your future journey, Marie

  4. Thank you, this spoke to me and is still on replay in my heart. Love and Light

  5. So true, Marie.
    Thank you for this insight. It's what i'm working on the last few years.

    Love, Yvonne

  6. Dear Marie,

    These are profound words and I will ponder them all day. I find that this has been a year of letting go for me, letting go of negatives and embracing positives. Letting go of things that aren't really flowing for me. But I am also trying to let go of stuff which clutters my house, and I seem to be clinging to things I don't need, never use, and never look at. I think it is because they are things I made. But it is time. I learned what I needed to learn. I will try to be more brave. I think you are right that doing so will create space in my life. love, Beth

  7. Yes so true, but it is not very easy to me. I'm trying.

    Happy days!

  8. I am also trying, Marie, but it is not easy. Letting go means learning to say 'no' for me. So hard sometimes ...
    ♥ Barbara ♥

  9. Thank you so much for this well-timed post, Marie! I love "It's not easy to let things go, but you are stronger than you think." I've had to let go of so many thoughts and dreams recently, and through it all I've been reminded of this very idea. Letting go of these things has helped me to redirect my focus to the wonderful people and things that I already have in my life and has made room for new dreams and projects. Peace and love to you!

  10. The older I get, the easier to let go of that which is not necessary in my life. It's a good thing to learn.

  11. Wise and gentle words Marie...

  12. I love this it would be perfect for my daughters 5th birthday.