Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Marie's new hair cut

I was thinking that all you dear friends have put your children to sleep
And are now sitting down at the computer, the dishes are done
And I thought that you might like to see my new haircut
2 inches off the bottom and a fringe
So it's all happening in Softearth's world ha, ha

Love and light Marie


  1. Dear Marie, here in the Netherlands it is morning and i'm sitting with a cup of thea by the computer. The children al still sleeping and I am looking at my favorits blogs!
    Nice haircut!
    Greets Corina ( i'm not so good in english ;-)

  2. Wow Marie, I could've walked past you in the street and not recognised you! New cut looks great :)

  3. Marie, nagyon csinos vagy!! :)))

  4. Isn't a new haircut refreshing? It looks lovely!

  5. I've been thinking about cutting my hair, too. It does that flip at the ends like yours does - only it's a bit longer and the flip is crazy-huge.

    Both you and your hair look stunning. (:

  6. i love to see you there!!! your cut looks great! ;)

  7. You look so fiiiiiiiiine!!!! So cute!

  8. oooh lovely. I love hair cuts! I also love all the timber in your home!

  9. Lovely to see the lady with the magic in her fingertips! Have a happy day! Best wishes

  10. Thank you for your sweet messages on my blog!
    You're gone too soon! now two award waiting for you on my blog!

  11. how lovely to "see" you! You're just as lovely as I would have imagined!
    xo maureen

  12. I like the little 'out the side flicky bits!'
    I just had my haircut this morning (my no. 1 hairdresser - my husband!) but it's not quite as adventurous, I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to hairstyles.