Wednesday, August 11, 2010

King Winter is still about

King winter is still about
With frosty chilly mornings
The days become warmer
Is Spring just around the corner?

Cheers Marie


  1. I feel a chill just reading this and I love it. It has been over 90 degrees F for the last month or so here. Ready for some cool breezes. Beautiful photos too.

  2. It looks like a beautiful place to be, in the u.k it is pleasantly warm, but in the last week I have noticed a few trees have started to change the colour of their leaves, I'm sad about that, I'm not ready for autumn just yet.

  3. beautiful nz photos. my children still have bad coughs that wont go away, causing mom to worry..i really am wishing for spring. it is so cold here in tassie..

  4. Today it feels like spring is far away with icy wind and rain, however we are getting a taste of it here and there and it's really wonderful. I'm finding it a bit hard to keep the children busy day after wet, cold day, so hopefully it improves soon!

  5. Oh Marie, Spring Green is showing you her sign in the blue-green waters of the creek and the lime-green fields up ahead. I rejoice in your soon-to-be Spring Buzz but feel sorry to let our Summer go.

  6. Oh, your winter is so lovely! We just get a lot of snow up here. I think I would love to see NZ in winter. :)