Sunday, August 25, 2013

I heard a whisper

I heard a tiny whisper in the forest
I turned and spotted this wee fellow
He said he was very happy with me
For providing all that was needed
Loving care so trees could grow
To shelter the birds
He said he often looked skyward
And was amazed at the amount
Of birds that visited my home
He told them to tell others to come

Love and light  Marie


  1. Wonderful words, dear Marie!
    Happy new week to you,

  2. A sweet little friend you have there. I'm not surprised that he found your home to be warm and inviting for birds and other nature denizens; you radiate grace, warmth, and love. Be well.

  3. Many thanks dear ladies, love and light Marie

  4. Dear, Marie, I like your wooly nature characters and sequences.
    First I noticed such pictures at our pediatrician years ago. For a long time the children played with the figures of the season table, wich look similar. I should try again.
    Take care