Monday, January 9, 2012

Dual power

The wise men discussed where best to send their light
Where was it needed most in the world
They decided the whole world needed it
So they shot the light above the tallest trees
And  circled the Earth with ribbons of light
People who were having troubles felt eased
Babies who were crying stopped
People who were frowning smiled
The power of light is a great power
It shines into your heart and warms your soul

Love and much light  Marie


  1. I like gnoomies and these are very nice.
    Greetings Rianne

  2. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  3. Another fabulous job. By the way, I got my Valentine's Day swap pairing today and I got paired with you! I can't wait to send the goodies I've made your way!

  4. That is so cool Nicole Elizabeth, I am away to create, Cheers Marie

  5. marie i love this so much. beautiful story and felting. x

  6. I love your little stories that go with your creations :-)

  7. Your words and your sweet creations, warm the heart ..
    Thank you for this
    Light and love for you