Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Big OE

My darling daughter  will soon be 21

Most young New Zealanders travel overseas
My daughter is about to start her big OE (Overseas Experience)
I remember when I was 21 and travelled to Australia to work
Then saved and went to Europe etc
Upon returning home to New Zealand 2 years later
The feeling of love for my Country became so much stronger
I did miss the "Green green grass of home"

Love and light  Marie


  1. Oh my goodness Marie, your daughter is beautiful. Lots of fun travels ahead :)

  2. Thanks Mel, she is indeed beautiful, with a lovely soul, cheers Marie

  3. What a wonderful tradition! Your daughter is just lovely!

  4. Let this light will always be with her!

  5. The trip is worth because it strenghts the boundaries and allows to feel free to return.

  6. Congratulations! She is the sweetest young woman...and the world awaits her (too)...wonderful to know that the world is there for her to see...and home is a safe harbour when she returns. The best of luck to her.

  7. Congratulations Marie!
    You have a beautiful daughter!
    Lots of wishes for her!
    A big hug to both ... : D

  8. Oh, my mother heart sort of faltered as I thought of you, your beautiful daughter, her leaving, her homecoming. You must be very proud. Safe, happy travels to her!