Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July - Giveaway winner and preserving

The winner of the July giveaway is Alicia, congratulations

These 5 jars are the last of my preserving apples for the season
I preserved 30 jars of apples
My husband works on an apple orchard
So I am pretty good at making recipes up with apples

My favorite is apple sponge
Followed by apple pie

Love and light from a cold wet Winter New Zealand


  1. I was just telling my father today about recipes I came up with last autumn to use up lots of apples- yours look absolutely lovely!
    I'd love your apple sponge recipe. :)

    Light and grace,

  2. Those preserves look scrumptious! I have lofty hopes that our one remaining apple tree will someday produce enough apples for preserves.

  3. Oh Yum. Apple Sponge sounds delicious. Take care.