Monday, July 4, 2011

The importance of fresh air

My little swing girl

Seeking fresh air for our children to swing in is important
Swinging is good for the brain and fresh air taken into the lungs on a daily basis  is great
Sometimes a child can go from the indoor home enviroment to the indoor creche
Then back home to be indoors again
A healthy child needs to be lifted up to see the sun by day 
And the moon by night
From an early age communion with Nature should be taught
This is why swinging is so good
See if you can put a swing in the backyard
When my children were young they were never off it.

Love and light  Marie


  1. Wise words and beautiful work.


  2. Absolutely! The coolest part is watching how the kids use the swing to swing in lots of different ways. My little girl knows what her body and mind needs and is often outside. Swinging and jumping all help the vestibular system develop for better balance, memory and making connections. Great post, thanks Marie

  3. You are absolutely right, Marie! being outside is just as healthy for the spirit as it is the body.

  4. yes yes. the outdoors is our family's daily medicine.

  5. I need her for my Robert Louis Stevenson poem post The Swing. Love her...I love to swing at 43.

    With All That I Am

  6. Oh, this is so cheerful and colorful! My daughter also loves to swing :)

  7. I'll second that! I love the playfulness of your girl on a swing. So bright and cheery. Take care.

  8. I want stockings like hers!

    Light and grace,

  9. So sweet.
    We have several swings about, and all of them are used often. :) This post made me smile.

  10. Such wise words - I wish it would just stop raining long enough for my kids to get outside - I'm sure they've got cabin fever!
    We all need a good jump on the trampoline