Wednesday, May 4, 2011


 My eyes are filled with tears as I write this
I am crying for all the sadness in the world
For all the deaths that need not have happened
For all the torture that is occurring this very minute
May all those who have passed send their light to us still living
That we may send thoughts of peace to those who wish others harm 
So that things can change and lives need not be lost in vain.

Love and light  Marie


  1. today I saw a bumper sticker, it said the next revolution will be love

  2. One day we will all have enough EQ to treat everyone of us with respect.
    I'm afraid it won't happen for me in this lifetime.
    I haven't given up hope for the lifetimes that will come after that :-)
    (she's beautiful)

  3. So grateful for the light that your art brings to this world... thank you for these words.

  4. Light always chases away the dark. Your work is such a light! Beautiful, as are your words.


  5. Your work is beautiful.
    I love it.


  6. Within all the sadness and grief, there are babies being born, people falling inlove, flowers blooming, catepillars turning into butterflies, suns rising, moons setting, stars forming, eyelashes blinking in wonder.... it's the way of the world...

  7. Tender hearted Marie, it's people like you who shine as beacons of love and light in a sea of darkness. You shine out into the dark seeking to help, heal, and give hope. Never stop shining Marie.

  8. How kind you all are, and yes Louise, you once again reminded me of what joy and beauty there is in the world. thank you, Cheers Marie

  9. your words are absolutely beautiful, just as you are.