Monday, May 16, 2011

Harvesting the Maize

Today we harvested the Maize 
We grow it for our hens
The day was windy and cool, real Autumn weather
The hens just love maize.

They free range and have a large area to roam around in
The rooster wakes us up at dawn every morning

Love and light  Marie


  1. How lovely! As much as I enjoy spring I really love autumn and I dream of living somewhere where I can have chickens one day (they don't work too well in small apartments with just a balcony as outdoor space). Love this post!

    Many blessings!

  2. Thanks Erica, I do so love living in the Country. Cheers Marie

  3. I think the hens have a good reason to celebrate ;)
    Lovely pictures!
    A realy strange idea that it's autumn where you live. Here we have an abnormal dry spring with summer temperatures.

    Whishing you a beautiful day!

  4. I adore your blog! Love and light to you too!

  5. Marie--What a wonderful post...having fresh eggs must be such a treat!