Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Guardians of my home

This the first thing you will see, if you are knocking on my front door.

I have two entrances to my home, one is through a small side gate , that leads to the front door
And the other is a larger gate, that cars can drive through
At my small gate I planted a Bay tree, and the larger one a Rowan tree
In ancient mythology and folklore, these trees protect and guard your home from harm
I can say that since I planted them 25 years ago, our home has been protected.
I feel this also works on people walking pass them to enter my home.

Love and light  Marie


  1. I'm always learning from you Marie. I've not heard of a Rowan tree - I'm off to google it!

  2. So lovely. I've also never heard of a Rowan tree, but I like the sentiment.

  3. Lovely ideas Marie - I also like the way everything you do is imbued with special meaning. :)

  4. I love the special meanings of our surroundings, as well. Lately my surroundings have meant that I have one busy and very artistic family! :o) Peace and love to you, Marie!

  5. I really need a bay tree...now, do they grow in the Midwest? We had a wonderful (fragrant) bay tree in our backyard in France, it was tall enough to reach from our second-floor apartment window. I would open the window and harvest leaves whenever I ran out. Yours is beautiful, and the Rowan reminds me of seeing them, stark and alone, in the Highlands last spring. They are amazing trees.
    Thank you for the lesson, enchanting and protecting one's space is so comforting.