Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunflower child

It has been so very hot today, all the windows and doors are open in my home
The grass is crunchy  underfoot, it is so very dry
This Sunflower child is welcoming the cool by sheltering under a giant Sunflower.

Love and light  Marie


  1. She feels soooooooo good! She is melting the chilly January vibe that is going on here. I just posted about the dismal days of Winter. Then I see the Sunflower child and know there is hope:)

  2. Wow. so beautiful. It makes me smile.

    You are so creative.

  3. O, how lovely! But you must stop telling us about the beautiful weather, because here in Holland it rains and it is very cold, haha! Do I miss the sun! But through your work you bring a little sunshine ... Love, Barbara

  4. it feels good to see a little bit of sunshine somewhere!
    here everything is white! the sky, the streets, the houses, the cars. All covered!

    your sunshine lady is beautiful! :)

  5. Yellow just brightens my day and she is so lovely.

  6. It's time for me to begin sowing some sunflower seeds. She's so lovely Marie, so bright and fresh in the sunshine.

  7. What a sunny, shiny lady! I'm sure it was her, brighten up our winter! Because it was not that cold today.
    Love, Yvonne