Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Giveaway winner and Middle Earth

Thou I live in the Rural Heartland of New Zealand
There is nothing I love better than to go deeper into Middle Earth
The smells of the Native Bush, the sound of bird song fills the air
The softness underfoot of the leaves on the forest floor
The magic of seeing tiny ferns and mysterious plant life
What a wonder Mother Nature is.

The winner of the New Years Giveaway is Csutkailda from Hungary
Many thanks to all that entered.

Love and light  Marie


  1. Drága Marie!
    Milyen messze laksz tőlünk, s ez a virtuális világ mégis közel hozott bennünket egymáshoz.
    Csodálatos a környezet, amelyben élsz...........sugárzó energiával, amely tükröződik az alkotásaidon is.
    Boldog vagyok,hogy közülük egy nálam fog lakni.
    Ígérem, hogy nagy becsben fogom tartani.
    Hálásan köszönöm a kedvességed.
    Nagy szeretettel és mosollyal: Ilda

  2. Congratulations, Csutkailda! How lovely are your pictures, Marie. In Holland we hardly have any 'real' nature left. Cheers, Barbara

  3. oh, I would love to go explore that. Beautiful, lush, green...

  4. look at those Australian ferns, it looks like our bush Marie,, we have a jungle in front of our house so smell that earthy freshness all the time.

  5. I think that you may have forgotten that I live in New Zealand, and they are Native New Zealand ferns, love Marie

  6. Marie, our internet went off yesterday and said my comment wasn't sent but it was,, I was talking of the big one that your husband/friend is touching in the photo, it looks like the Australian fern, we have them here in DR. I will try to find it in google and email it to