Saturday, July 31, 2010

I love trees

A local Country farm walk

A view from a valley walk in Wellington

I love trees
I lie under a tree and feel it breathe
I look up and feel its wonder wash over me
The beautiful green leaves
The sunlight sparkling through
The protection it gives me
It shelters me
I thank it for being a part of Mother Earth
I thank it for being in my life.

Love and light Marie

You comments are always a pleasure to read.


  1. Oh me too! me too! Your creation took my breath away!

  2. Yes me too. I love the forrest and single trees too in al the colors they come in. Great post.

  3. Me too, your tree is very beautiful, i like the sun shining trow the leaves!

  4. That is so beautiful. I love your tree and your words. So true.

  5. BREATHTAKING! the detail is so lovely and soft.....I love the colors you have chosen! we just had a craft day with some friends yesterday and we needlefelted balls:) the babies love them!
    this is just so beautiful:) love to you<3

  6. I have felt for a very long time a strong connection to trees. In Germany I even had a tree, that stood at the edge of a little forest, that I truly loved. Don't tell anyone, but I used to go and hug that tree every time I passed by and speak a few words to him *smile*
    We recently been for the first time to the Redwood Forest which is not too far from us and standing right next to these majestic trees, some of them as old as the birth of Christ, is beyond imagination.
    Did you know the native americans used to call trees "tall standing brothers"? I LOVE that. They are indeed part of our family :o)

  7. You live in some beautiful country! Have a Blessed week...

  8. Beautiful :D Where is the first walk? I've just recently discovered your lovely blog via your Etsy shop and I'm really enjoying reading back through your posts - thank you for sharing.

  9. Hi Island Home, the first walk, was a Country garden that opend up to the public once a year,as a fund raiser, sadly the elderly owners have moved on to a retirement home and it is no longer open to the public. cheers Marie

  10. Such a beautiful portrait of nature. You are wonderfully talented.

  11. It is a nice scenes of your local country place. It is an amazing local country farm walk. A view from a valley walk in Wellington looks so lovely.

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