Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers day in USA

June the 20th is Fathers day in America
Little baby boys are born all over the world
They grow up to be strong men
Some become Fathers
This is a shout out to all the Fathers in the world

My own dear Father passed 14 years ago

Love and light Marie


  1. It is Father's Day in the Netherlands too, today. And unfortunately my father also passed away, nearly three years ago. I miss him very much.

    The baby you felted is very sweet!

  2. marie,
    your little baby in the tree is so sentimental to me. i love it. i love your words about fathers: i know yours is looking down lovingly on you my dear. i am about to skype mine, 10thousand very long miles away.

  3. Marie, I love the little babe in the basket. You are a talented artist! A perfect gift for a father.

  4. Yes fathers who can ever miss them...
    Grateful that mine is still here and happy with my sweet husband and father of my kids and maybe my son will become a father when he is grownup.
    Happy fathers day!

    Sweet baby on the photo.

  5. I love the litte babe :-D Esther.

  6. A lovely shout out. I don't know how you make your felted art so smooth and perfect. Mine always has fifty-billion stray hairs. Take care.

  7. I was thinking of my father yesterday, too, Marie. He died a few years ago. I hope all is well with you. much love, Beth

  8. I loved this - thinking this thought of fathers being born - almost magical.

    Namaste, Nicole

  9. It is good to celebrating Father's Day every year. Because of most of child living so far from their parents. So on that special day they meet with their parents and enjoying a lot.

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