Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reflecting in the moonlight

Once there lived a lttle gnome . He was busy in his subterranean home guarding all the crystals and treasures of the earth . He decided to come up into the gathering dusk where he rested under and old tree. He looked up at the moonlight and reflected that he did enjoy his life and guarding all the treasures.

by Marie


  1. Hello Marie, thanks for visiting my blog, i have done some needle felting, but nothing near as good as your work, i've made a few brooches which i gave as presents, & i had a go at making a small bunny, it turned out really well, but took quite a while so i had a bit of a break from it for a while, but still have lots of wool tops left so sure i'll give it another go soon!

  2. Hi Marie! Thanks for the comment! I am just starting to experiment with needle-felting, but I love it! I get all my wool roving from my Mother-in law who spins her own yarn. Here is an example of a recent project of mine:


    Your work is very inspiring!

  3. Your pieces are always so lovely. And your use of color is amazing. I love seeing what you make.

  4. Hello Marie,
    Thanks for your visit. I thought I'll let you know I came by too! The gnome with his story is very sweet. Maria