Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My dream catcher

Legend of the Dream catcher...
The night air is filled with good and bad dreams. The dream catcher catches the dreams as they go by. The good dreams know the way and slip through the web, then cascade gently down the waterfall. The bad dreams, not knowing the way, get caught in the web and perish at first light. 

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Love and light  Marie


  1. Oh wow a wool dream catcher! We support a Native American organization here in the States, as a thank you for our support then send out dream catchers, I was really sad to see they were made in China! Such a magical talisman just shouldn't be mass produced in cheap labor factories in my opinion.

  2. Goodness me Cynthia, it is a shame and sad like you say,one would expect the Native Americans to make them.
    It is the first dream catcher I have ever made, my dear daughter has made a few, and hers are really cool. cheers Marie

  3. What a beautiful dream catcher! I had forgotten about mine. I can't remember if we made it at a field trip to a reservation back in elementary school or as a project when we got back; but it hung over my bed through high school. I hear they don't go any more. I wish I could remember all we learned about them but we placed a bead on the strings to represent a spider and the opening in the center suggests how much you are willing to let in I believe. Take care.

  4. Your DC is totally gorgeous, blissful and peaceful...the image is beautiful and magical! I love your enchanting realm here..wonderful to meet you..gorgeous creations on your blog!