Monday, December 17, 2012

The Snow Family and the Reindeer

Today was really hot
So I decided to work with the color Blue
This is what I made
It sure was cooling

Love and light Marie


  1. It is so funny, reading that it is hot and seeing the flowers in your previous post! Ofcourse, here on the other side of the globe, it is a Dutch winter: a little frost and snow and a lot of grey skies and rain...
    As always your work is like a magical summer- and winter-day :)

  2. Oh how beautiful! I do the same thing I knit all my winter woolies for my little guys on the hotest days, its a nice way to shift your thinking towards the cooler times.

  3. Oh that is Beautiful! Did you make the deer to? I fear it's going to be another brown Christmas up here if we don't get more snow soon. Take care.

  4. Thanks ladies, I did not make the reindeer, I have had it for years and years, it sits on my mantle all year round.cheers Marie

  5. Oh Marie, are lovely! The color you have chosen is so delicate, I love them! They really are a charm :)

    with admiration

  6. I love their looong pointed hats! Very fun.
    Enjoy your preparations.