Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In the green wood

One of our many woodpiles
This year we are well prepared for next years Winter
You can see how green it is here in New Zealand

Love and light Marie


  1. Beautiful green, beautiful lawn! Good supply of wood :)
    Greetings :D

  2. What beautiful surroundings! You certainly have a lot of wood there - I love winter time and wood fires.....I'm tired of the heat of Summer already and it's only December lol - if only it would rain here!
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Hello Dear Marie,
    Just love that wood pile! only in New Zealand could you create this in Summer. We have just experienced a most horrendous bushfire here on the door step of our property and fought for 5 hours with high pressure water hoses to save everything - we feel so blessed!
    I love your very special felted little characters - they are gorgeous.
    I'm enjoying a little respite at present and have put you in my giveaway for Grow Your Blog.