Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Blue Fairy

The Blue fairy
I made two of these
Funnily enough blue is a color that I find hard to use
I am a warmer person than the coolness of blue
But she is rather pretty, I made her in softer blue hues.
cheers Marie


  1. I tend to choose warmer colors too, but she is very beautiful, I think I need a felt wall hanging for a bare kind of stark wall space in our family room, off to your shop to take a peek. I love everything it will be hard to choose!

  2. Oh no Etsy is empty have you stopped shipping to the US or can we shop your NZ shop?

  3. Hi Cynthia, my Etsy shop re opens on the 12th Nov, but you can look at my felt shop, I can custom make you a wall hanging if you like, just convo me via my email, top left, cheers Marie

  4. Here in the north ( Demnmark) we are prepering for winter, and some friend asked me to make them a (I think its called:) "King frost" (?) A kind of an Ice king... And the blue color reminds me of that but I really got a problem to get Ideas to make him... Do you have any idea, what he could look like?
    Love from a waldorf play school in Denmark