Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I would like you to meet Lawrence

I was so excited to meet Lawrence at the train Station
I handed him a box of Organic chocolates
We munched on them during our ride home
I introduced  him my Elf boy
They sat together by the fire sipping cocoa
What tales Lawrence told, of his long trip from Pennsylvania

To see where he  immigrated from  Camphill Village Kimberton Hills 
 click Here

Love and light Marie


  1. Lawrence is a cutie Marie! And that elf boy, wow : ) is he one of yours..? Love the sweet story too. Wish the distance was not so great Marie, I would love to invite you in to my handwork class so you could introduce some of your wonderful characters to the children!
    I've also posted about one of my knitted gnomes this week x

  2. Hi Mia, I would love to visit, but alas the distance is indeed too great, no I bought him about 7 years ago, and he sits on my mantlepiece. cheers Marie

  3. This reminded me that I never did thank you for the beautiful lily of the valley fairie ad wool bag that I won. Thank you! How funny that only a few weeks later Lawrence arrived on your doorstep. I live not 3 minutes away from Camphill Village and am proud to say that that the village is part of the community here.