Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Streaming ideas

I am often asked why my Waldorf inspired needle felt art is  different
I think the reason why my needle felting is a little different is because I do not have much history behind me.
Meaning that New Zealand is such a young country that my ideas are fresh, from the Southern Hemisphere, which has a very different vibe to( Europe the home of Waldorf)
I am not restricted to the normal Waldorf ideas
Some purists might say, I am not being true to the Waldorf way, (maybe my colors are a wee bit brighter than is acceptable or some such) but I reply that, being an island nation, I take what streams towards me from the cosmos and turn it into what it is.
I was really lucky to have an experience with Rudolf Steiner who said that the work I was doing in the world was much needed, bringing light into the world through my art.
So there you have it

Love and light  Marie


  1. marie! I totally agree with you. I love Waldorf but I am in the southern hemisphere too (australia) and I find it hard to relate to the traditional waldorf aspects because they are so european, and we are so not! I love all of your creations and just ordered 3 lovely items to add to our home :) x Shara

  2. And I am a waldorf kindergadern teacher from Europe and I know many of my kollegaes goes to south america, middeleast, east european contrys, russia and even China to get inspiration. So I dont belive that its "right or "wrong" in the Waldorf art way in that way. I just belive that if we got a good meaning behind it and there is love and light in the craft. Its many people how are getting hysterical with the Waldorf way, and extreme is not good. Rudolf Steiner said something like this by him self, "Dont follow me - think of your self". These words are very good. He never said we should follow him strictly, but we werw welcome to use his thoughts to open our on mind and use that.
    (My english is not that great - sorry, but I hope that you got my point any way)
    Love from Bella

  3. I love your artwork. I love it -because- it is different from others!
    Here in Germany you can rarely find something new.I'm feeling like the Waldorf community has one opinion of what is "Waldorf" and what is not in this country. There are special clothes, toys, and even artwork. That's a pitty!
    We still love the box we got from you, and the people that come to our house always admire it!
    So do what you love (that's what I'm doing)!:0)

  4. Many thanks for your thoughts Shara, Bella and Hanna,
    I always seem to know what works in my art and flows and is right and what is not. Opening ones mind to new ideas is wonderful and to be inspired by the natural world and the warmth that is Waldorf is just great.
    cheers Marie