Saturday, June 9, 2012

Flower fairies

Loving the colors of these Flower Fairies

Love and light  Marie


  1. Hello, Marie! It has been a long time. I love the colors of these flower fairies too, and want to make myself a sweater with those colors. Tell me about the picture which is in the edges of your blog. Is that someplace near you? It's very magical looking. I have been meeting more New Zealanders this year because my son goes to an international school. He recently read some wonderful books from a series called "Kiwi Bites." They are cute chapter books with a "bite" take out of the corner of them! Have you seen those? I hope all is well and that, as usual, light is streaming through your life. love, Beth

  2. What a beautiful flower fairies!

  3. Hi Beth, I have not seen those books in the library, with my youngest now 21, I don't frequent the Junior section much.
    The Native New Zealand scene was taken by someone else, it is reflective of local bush in my area though,
    Love and light to you, Marie

  4. What lovely little flower faries! THey look especially wonderful amongst the flowers