Sunday, December 11, 2011

Living the dream

I am one lucky lady
I am living my dream, to stay home and be a homemaker and create
My husband works full time at a local apple orchard
I lead a simple life, in a small warm home
How lucky am I
Lucky because I can send my art out into the world
to make people smile

Love and light  Marie


  1. Such a nice thought, I always enjoy looking at your felting, simple living like this is so rewarding!

  2. Sounds to me as a perfect life

  3. Very lucky! Your work always inspires me.

    I feel the same way being able to stay home with my daughter and create with her.

  4. Marie, you have it all. All the best! Anita

  5. Yes, so many blessings, and a blessing to recognize them as such.

  6. Sounds so lovely, that you have this life you wanted. I guess we all attract things that we focus on the most, and you would have wanted this. So it's yours. Wonderful Marie! I often think of my life and how I ended up and what will happen next, but there's no point as time is telling only when time decides. One never knows what is around the corner... so I just roll with the punches. :)

  7. Dear Marie, I thank you so much for sending your love into the world! today the Snow White and her 7 Dwarfs arrived, we are so happy and I am not shure how to say thank you.. but you should now its a "thank you" from my heart"! please do not forget to send me your adress!..I´m waiting;)

  8. I agree Louise, only time decides and destiny maybe, what one can and will become, never forgetting that "you are already there" and today is your day and who you are meant to be, living and creating with a positive outlook and inward love of yourself.
    Cheers Marie

  9. Dear Sarah, Snow White was a joy to make for you, I love the way the snow falls on it, cheers Marie

  10. You have made many people smile! Thinking of you often as I look at the nature table with a gorgeous mother earth.

  11. I love your attitude towards life Marie - calm, collected and content!

  12. Heartwarming dear Marie...x!

  13. hello marie,
    i love your work and your blog is sooooooooooooooo
    greetings from germany,

  14. Yes, how wonderful!
    Greetings Severine